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"Whether in classical or romantic pieces, or in compositions of Baroque  times,

the performance of Ms. Małgorzata Zalewska is perfect,
and proves the proficiency of her style, as well as her grand musicality"

- Stefan Sutkowski director of Warsaw Chamber Opera


One of only a rare few concert Harpists in the world who is not only a gifted artist on the Modern,

but as well on the Celtic, Electric and Baroque Harps.


Her solo debut at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw took place in 1990.

As a soloist, she has performed with such noted artists as Francisco Araisa, Brigitte Balleys, Massimiliano Cialdi,

Claudio Ferrarini,  Jose Maria Florencio, Chikara Imamura, Agnieszka Duczmal, Adrew M.Kurtz, Atsushi Nukii,
Jerzy Maksymiuk,
Daniel Stabrawa, Tomasz Strahl, Małgorzata Walewska, Tadeusz Wojciechowski,


She has given a multitude of solo recitals and played with orchestras worldwide.

Malgorzata Zalewska commenced a permanent affiliation with the Warsaw Chamber Opera in 1994. She has made about
50 various recordings for Decca, Dux,  EMI, Hungarton,  Pro Musica, Philips, Sony and the Polish Radio and Television.

At the request of the CAMAC harp producer Joel Garnier, Zalewska took part in the promotional campaign for the Atlantide Harp,

which resulted in her picture on the cover of prestigious magazines HARPA and HARP INTERNATIONAL. 


Her CD "Harp Solo", on DUX label was entirely sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Art.

Last CD (DUX) entitled "Master&Margarita" is a masterpiece collection of modern pop music compositions

and it was especalily composed for her by American composer Gary Guthman.


Harpist performs on harps by CAMAC.




"Pieces relating to the paintings of Monet trigger your imagination, whilst the harpist

completes  the colours of that music with exclellency"

 - AO - Gazeta Wyborcza


"Her quality of performance is excellent"

 - Kate Donnelan - What's On


"Małlgorzata Zalewska plays the harp with genuine virtuosity"

 - Szymon Uszwica - Trybuna Opolska


"Jerzy Waldorff has singled out her performance as the finest of  the Radziejowice Festival".

- Teresa Będkowska - Przekrój


"The harpists interpretation was full of grace, buoyant finesse and twinkling colours"  

- Magdalena Cynk - Nowości


• President of Albania - Bamir Topi

• President of Austria - Heinz Fischer

• President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Nebojsza Radmanović

• President of Bulgaria - Georgi Parvanov

• President of Croatia - Ivo Josipovic

• President of Czech Republic - Vaclav Klaus

• President of Estonia - Toomas Hendrik Ilves

• President of France - Jaques Chirac

• President of Germany - Christian Wulff

• President of Hungary - Pal Schmitt

• President of Italy - Giorgio Napolitano

• President of Kosovo - Atifete Jahjaga

• President of Lithuania - Dalia Grybauskaite

• President of Latvia - Valdis Zatlers

• President of Macedonia - Gjorge Ivanov

• Acting President of Moldovia - Marian Lupu

• President of Montenegro - Filip Vujanovic

• President of Poland   - Bronisław Komorowski 

• President of Poland   - Aleksander Kwaśniewski 

• President of Poland  - Lech Walesa

• President of Slovakia - Ivan Gaszparovicz

• President of Slovenia - Danilo Tuerk

• President of Ukraine - Viktor Yanukovych

• President of United Arab Emirates -

Prince Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

• President of United States of America - Barack Obama

• Prime Minister of Poland – Jerzy Buzek

• Prime Minister of Poland – Józef Oleksy

• Prime Minister of Poland – Waldemar Pawlak

• Prime Minister of United Kingdom- John Major

•  Historian and writer - Norman Davies

•  Philosopher and writer - Maria Janion

•  Secretary General of NATO -  Javier Solana

• Chairman of Soros Fund Management - George Soros

• Seikh Ahmad al-Sabah of Kuwait

• Sarah Duchess of York

• Charles Prince of Wales

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